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Q: Can I bring digital copies of music/books to lessons?

A: Absolutely!

...with three caveats:

1. All scores must be legally obtained. Scribd is an excellent resource with a massive wealth of books and scores for a monthly fee


2. Digital copies of scores must be on a tablet (not a laptop) of at least 9.7in.

Cell phones are unfortunately too small to read music.

3. All scores should be presented in an app specifically designed for music reading and editing. The best one of these for iPad is ForScore, which is available for a small one-time price. Similar options exist for Android.


The below is only a reference of progression I expect from students - specific repertoire is selected on an individual basis.

Beginning Classical Guitarists:

Intermediate Rep List:

Advanced Rep List:

1. Large scale work by Giuliani or Sor

2. Large scale work by a Spanish composer: Torroba, Turina, Albeniz, Rodrigo

3. Large scale work by a modern composer: Brouwer, Dyens, Berkeley, Takemitsu

4. A Bach lute suite



For reference as an example of progression I expect from students - repertoire selected on an individual basis.

All jazz, blues, or pop students, regardless of level, must bring a Guitar Binder with these specifications to every lesson.

Billie's Bounce PDF [Philippe Petite/Tal Farlow - Standards Recital] [Wes Montgomery, Fingerpickin'] [George Benson, Giblet Gravy] [Charlie Parker, Now's the Time]

Now's the Time PDF [Charlie Parker, Now's the Time]

Semester 3

Book: Real Book Vol. 1 (in C) on Amazon

Autumn Leaves - [Kenny Burrell, Sunup to Sundown] [Tal Farlow, Jazz Masters] [Hank Garland, The Guitar Artistry of] [Jim Hall, Alone Together] [Joe Pass, Unforgettable]

D Natural Blues* [Wes Montgomery, The Incredible Jazz Guitar]

Freddie Freeloader* [Wes Montgomey, Portrait of Wes] [Miles Davis, Kind of Blue]

Impressions* or So What - [George Benson, Beyond the Blue Horizon] [Grant Green, Sunday Mornin'] [Pat Martino, Consciousness] [Wes Montgomery, Smokin' at the Half Note] [Miles Davis, Kind of Blue]

Satin Doll* [Kenny Burrell, Lotus Blossom] [Tal Farlow, The Complete Verve Sessions] [Joe Pass, Sophisticated Lady] [Wes Montgomery, A Dynamic New Sound: Guitar/Organ/Drums]

Semester 4

Book: Wes Montgomery Guitar Anthology on Amazon

All Blues - [Kenny Burrell, In a Mellow Tone] [Part Martino, Live at Yoshi's] [Miles Davis, Kind of Blue]

Blue Bossa [Pat Martino, Comin' and Goin'] [Joe Pass, the Big Three]

Four [George Benson, Givin' it Up] [Miles Davis, Four and More]

Four on Six* [Wes Montgomery, The Incredible Jazz Guitar] [Pat Martino, Remember] [John Scofield & John Abercrombie, Solar]

Groovin' High - [Kenny Burrell, In a Mellow Tone] [Dizzy Gillespie, Groovin' High]

In a Sentimental Mood [Kenny Burrell, Lucky So and So] [Jim Hall, It's Nice to be With You]

Misty [Wes Montgomery, Smokin' at the Half Note] [Johnny Smith, The Sound of...]

Semester 5

Airegin* [Wes Montgomery, The Incredible Jazz Guitar] [Grant Green, Nigeria]

All the Things You Are [Grant Green, Standards] [Pat Metheny Trio, Live] [Joe Pass, Virtuoso] [Jimmy Raney, Wisteria] [Howard Roberts, Good Pickin's]

Giant Steps

Have you met Miss Jones? [Joe Pass, Virtuoso] [Jimmy Raney, Pennies from Heaven]

Stella by Starlight [Tal Farlow, This is Tal Farlow] [Grant Green, I Want to Hold Your Hand] [Jim Hall, Jazz Guitar] [Joe Pass, Virtuoso] [George Benson, Tenderly] [Jimmy Raney, Pennies from Heaven] [Miles Davis, Kind of Blue]

*Transcribed solos available in Wes Montgomery Guitar Anthology

Expectations for Jazz majors per semester:

- Weekly sight-reading exercise from A Modern Method for Guitar Vol 1-2-3 COMPLETE - William Leavitt

- Standards - Comp, head, and scales/modes (140 bpm minimum) for at least 2 standards per semester

- Transcription by notation from the Real Transcription Book, the Wes Montgomery Guitar Anthology, or similar repertoire

- Transcription project by ear (or transcribed original solo)

- Major students: Chord solo arrangements from this book or similar repertoire. Original arrangements optional.

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